"O Allah! There is no ease except that which You make easy, and indeed You, when You want, make difficulties easy.” [Sahih Ibn Hibban]



Fairy tales

Once upon a time in ancient times, there was a princess who slept almost half a century because a witch poisoned her. later, she was kissed by a prince. when the princess is awake from sleep, they were married and lived happily ever after.


unfortunately the real story or the reality of human life is not as beautiful as fairy tales clogged in our ears. quoted by maroon5: all those fairytales are full of shits.and we all heard it and knew it a long long time ago. 

well, of course fairy tales did tell us about the happily ever after but what is the continuous of their marriage life? did the evil come back? or there's another evil appear? we make our own story then. 
dude, we've been cast by various tests. and every test there is a solution. and every solution will be tested again with another test. until the day we die. the challenges today is increasingly fucking hard compared to yesterday and neither you and i can tell. so, start a new book and burn the old book. 

maybe today is our hardtime, saddest, cries a lot. but tomorrow? who knows? maybe it will be much worst or maybe it will becomes better. the crap is we stand on our own feet to survive. and the sweetest thing is we keep complaining about what had happened. and the tasteless is we pleased the shits walk around us.

so guys, whether we like it or not, we need to face the fear of our life. it doesn't matter if we quote it in our little redbook or we write it on dirty street walls or we send a bottle of s.o.s note into the sea. life may start as bad ass motherfucker but if we build a positive thought, the ending might be a kick-ass.

and guys, we need to finish what we start. aim should be achieved by tomorrow. okay?

*ignore those grammars or the broken language, please, please, please.